Father Steel Series

The Father Steel series of Occult Horror thrillers, set in Scotland, tells of the Eternal conflict between Good and Evil.  All around us, in our everday mundane lives, the supernatural battles are being fought.

Father Andrew Steel, mystic, is one of those fighting for humanity against Evil.  The enemy uses many weapons and Father Andrew struggles to use the limited gifts that he has to thwart plots and crimes against The Church.

Authorised by the Home Office and The Church, when a crime is comittted against The Church he is despatched to investigate.  If the supernatural is involved the crime is his to solve.

In the middle of a cold winter’s night Father Andrew is called back to his hometown, to find the local priest bludgeoned to death in the car park of St Margaret’s in the Fields.  Things are not at all as they might seem.

‘Innocence Lost’ is the beginning of the series.